Peter, Wolf, and Red Riding Hood


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Peter and The Crispy Critters want to be a famous Rock 'n Roll band. "Not so little anymore" Red Riding Hood aspires to be a great ballerina dancing with all the ballet stars. Grandma just wants her lunch. But Mr. Lupus has other ideas - bilking them all in many laughable ways with his illegal schemes to make money. Along come the FBI Agents, Tom, Dick, and Harry, on a mission to capture the conniving, nefarious wolf. In the midst of the shenanigans, all Grandpa wants to do is take a quiet nap. Instead, he finds true love in his own backyard. The humorous plot and inspiring music of this warm and delightful family show, with its host of lovable characters, takes many comical twists and turns, including a visit with Box Office Betty at Mr. Ham's theatre. It is sure to please and be enjoyed by every member of the family!

Cast Requirements

  • Peter
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Wolf
  • Robinella the Bird, member of The Crispy Critters
  • Stroganoff the Cat, member of The Crispy Critters
  • Luigi the Duck, member of The Crispy Critters
  • Grandpa, Peterís Grandfather
  • Grandma, Redís Grandmother
  • Tom, FBI Agent
  • Dick, FBI Agent
  • Harry, FBI Agent
  • Mom, Redís Mother
  • Box Office Betty
  • Mr. P. Fiddeus Ham
  • Various Members of the Audience