Book Adaptation by Don Kraus; Music by Linda Uzelac & Daniel Hilton; Lyrics by Don Kraus, Linda Uzelac & Daniel Hilton

After twenty years of war and fantastic adventures, Odysseus faces his greatest challenge upon his return to Ithaca. He must reunite with his wife, who is beset by villains and usurpers, come to know his son whom he's never seen, and regain control of his country. Powerful and emotional music helps to heighten the tension and reveal the innthoughts of Odyssey's characters. Truly a theatrical experience for the entire family.

Peter, Wolf, and Red Riding Hood

By June J. McInerney & Linda Uzelac

Peter, The Crispy Critters, "not so little anymore" Red Riding Hood, who aspires to be a ballet star, along with a host of other lovable characters, are bilked and conned in many laughable ways by a conniving Wolf, in this warm and humorously delightful family musical.

The house of david

Book and Lyrics by Daniel G. Shaw; Music by Linda Uzelac

One of the most popular Biblical stories comes to life in this beautiful telling of the story of David and the eternal love triangle between him, Bathsheba and Uriah. The dramatic music is enchanting and ranges from simple strains to the complexity of a powerrful sextet. Enjoy the antics of the Prophet, the lighthearted Goliath segment, and finally the dramatic, heart warming acceptance of forgiveness.


Book and Lyrics by June J. McInerney; Music by Linda Uzelac

Bethlehem is one of the most delightful holiday musicals of our day. It tells the story of the journey of Mary and Joseph, with insight into their personalities, as they search for a place to stay in Bethlehem before the birth of their Son. We meet the innkeeper and his zany wife, as well as Romans, the Wise Men, shepherds, angels, and hosts of other wonderful characters. Sure to become a holiday tradition!

we three kings

Book and Lyrics by June J. McInerney; Music by Linda Uzelac

This magical musical tells the story of the Magi and their journey toward the brightest star, and reveals the symbolism of each of their gifts to the Christ Child. this age old Biblical legend, with its new modern twists, is a spiritually uplifting Christmas adventure, complete with humor, theology, history, and the joys of the holiday season.

Wilde, at heart

Book and Lyrics by Evan Guilford-Blake; Music by Linda Uzelac

This trio of poignant fairy tales by Oscar Wilde include The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant and The Star-Child. Musical piano themes heighten the plots and underscore the varied emotions of the characters. This is a stunning adaptation of truly classic fables, all of which can be performed by a group of six actors, each with multiple roles within each fable.

A Christmas Carol

Adaptation, Music and Lyrics by Linda Uzelac

This tried and true version of A Christmas Carol maintains the content and intent of the original classic by Charles Dickens. We meet Marley, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, the Cratchits and poor Tiny Tim, as well as the colorful characters surrounding the life of Ebenezer Scrooge. The spirited music brings additional fun to its characters, while its ballads evoke tears of emotion, both sad and happy. This time honored family show has proven to be a holiday tradition for thousands.

beauty and the beast

Book and Lyrics by June J. McInerney; Music by Linda Uzelac

This non-Disney version of the classic tale closely follows the original Italian story made popular by Madame Le Prince de Beaumont. You will meet Belle and her fun-loving family, as well as the spirit who gently and not-so-gently influences the Beast's fate. We learn with Belle that beauty is only skin deep and by looking beyond the surface, we can find that our dreams can come true.

George and the Dragon

Book and Lyrics by Don Kraus; Music by Linda Uzelac

George and the Dragon tells the fictional story of how George uses his wits rather than swords to win a battle with the dragon who is eating all the food in the village. Audiences of all ages will love the antics of the insatiable dragon as well as those of the lovable townspeople ruled by Mayor Meyer. Will it be a contest of wit, or brains against brawn!

Tell's Tale

Book and Lyrics by Don Kraus; Music by Linda Uzelac

Tell’s Tale, also known as The Apple and the Archer, is the fun-filled fictional story of William Tell and it relates the events leading up to shooting the apple off his son’s head. Chock full of zany townspeople, including three characters who strongly resemble the Marx Brothers!

Wind in the willows

Book and Music by Linda Uzelac & Daniel Hilton

The Wind in the Willows is a musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved work. Toad buys a motor car and that’s the beginning of his many escapades with his pals Mole, Ratty and Badger. Toad gets his comeuppance when he lands in jail, but his winsome ways work for him and he manages to escape. This fanciful tale also includes some gangster type weasels and ferrets, and is great fun for the entire family.

noah's rainbow

Book and Lyrics by June J. McInerney; Music by Linda Uzelac

Noah's Rainbow adds a new twist to the story of the Great Flood while giving Noah's real reasons for building and populating the Ark. The story is based upon the original Biblical story, but also incorporates recent research and archaeological finds. Modern elements and enchanting music add lighthearted touches to the scenes, bringing the characters to life for young and old alike.